License Update FAQ

We recently announced some changes in our licensing model. Now Firewall Builder is available for all Operating Systems under an open source license. The FAQs below provide more information about the license changes.

  • What is being changed?
    • Firewall Builder is now available for all operating systems, including Windows and Mac, under the GNU Public License (GPL).
  • When does this change take effect?
    • The change to a common open source license for Firewall Builder on all operating systems is effective immediately.
  • Will Firewall Builder still be included in Linux distros?
    • Yes. There is no change in our licensing or support for Linux.
  • Is Firewall Builder going away?
    • Firewall Builder is not going away. With the addition of Windows and Mac, all of the supported Firewall Builder operating systems will now be available via a common open source license. Support for open source will continue to be provided by the user community in conjunction with the Firewall Builder team.
  • Will there be new features added to Firewall Builder?
    • Development of new features will be considered on a case by case basis. Users can always submit code to be considered for addition to the Firewall Builder project.
  • Will bugs still be fixed in Firewall Builder?
    • Yes. Bug fixes will be made available as time permits. The team at Firewall Builder always welcomes bug fix patches submitted from users.
  • Will support for new firewall platforms be added to Firewall Builder?
    • At this time, there is no plan to add support for additional firewall platforms.
  • I purchased Firewall Builder license. How does this change impact me?
    • There is no impact to users that purchased Firewall Builder licenses. You are still eligible and will continue to receive priority technical support under the terms of and through the expiration of the Commercial License Agreement.
  • I am currently running an older version of Windows or Mac, how can I upgrade to the latest open source version?
    • Users that want to run the latest version of Firewall Builder on Windows or Mac can download the package here
  • I was using the Linux version of Firewall Builder. How can I switch to the Windows or Mac version?
    • Firewall Builder data files (.fwb files) are portable between Linux, Windows and Mac systems. These files can be copied back and forth among the various machines. To transition from running Firewall Builder on Linux, install the latest version of either Firewall Builder for Windows or Mac.

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