Firewall Builder 5 Released

Mountain View, CA, July 28, 2011 -- With today’s release of Firewall Builder 5 companies can now manage their server and network firewalls from a single application with an easy-to-use GUI.

“Organizations with the expertise to run Linux-based open source firewalls still have the problems of managing rule sets that are continuously growing in complexity. Software tools to help keep firewalls consistent with network security policy is now a must have for most companies”, according to Eric Ogren, principal analyst of the Ogren Group. “NetCitadel’s approach for managing firewall configurations and analyzing rule sets simplifies open source firewall management for network administration and security teams.”

In addition to the existing ability to visualize and easily manage a wide range of firewall platforms Firewall Builder 5 introduces new features such as object tagging, smart groups and user folders that provide powerful ways to organize and manage the database that holds the objects used in firewall rules. This scalability is especially important to companies that have large numbers of devices to manage.

Tim Nufire, VP of Engineering at online backup provider Backblaze said "The number of servers we have to manage in our data centers is growing rapidly. We rely on Firewall Builder to provide an easy way to visualize our firewall rules and the new features in Firewall Builder 5 will help us manage our server security configurations even more efficiently."

Firewall Builder 5 also adds support for importing BSD PF configuration files. This creates an easy migration path from manual management of PF devices to using the Firewall Builder GUI to generate configurations.

Vadim Kurland, co-founder of NetCitadel, said “Our customers are being pushed to manage a growing number of firewalls, including both traditional network firewalls as well as host-based server firewalls. The new features in Firewall Builder 5 will help these users scale to manage much higher numbers of devices.”

Already trusted by thousands of users around the globe to manage their firewall platforms, Firewall Builder 5 demonstrates NetCitadel’s continued innovation and leadership in providing a single application that can manage complex multi-vendor firewall environments. This release is available for immediate download from the NetCitadel website.

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